MidSide Job - PCB & Panel Set

MidSide Job PCB & Panel set for DIY assembly. This is not a full kit - Parts will have to be sourced separately. See the Build Guide document for more information.


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The MidSide Job is a stereo mid/side Eurorack module for the Intellijel 1U format.

Plug in the left and right inputs and then take out either the middle, sides, or both parts of the stereo image to be processed separately.

Add reverb or delay to only the far left and right, or only the centre. Compress the middle of the stereo field and leave the edges untouched. There are a million creative uses for the MidSide Job - It can even be used for CV processing to get a the sum and difference outputs of two signals.

This is a PCB & Panel set for DIY'ing the module. Please see the BUILD GUIDE HERE for more information.

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